On Tour with Shelly Bonet April/May 2014

5 May

I have just come back from a Tour with Shelly Bonet.

We warmed up for Michael Bolton on his German part of the Tour.

I must say it was a very fun experience!! Can’t wait to go out on the road again with this Band!!!

Here are some impressions of the fun days we had together!







Romeo feat. Julia

16 Aug

Well it took a while , but here are the rest of the Fotos I took during Rehearsals and Shows with the SWR Orchestra…

Thanks again to everybody who took part in it and made it a wonderful experience!

Working with the SWR Orchestra

21 May

I was asked to be in a new project with the SWR Orchestra. It’s about the story of Romeo and Julia and it’s going to be a mix of classical music mixed with Hip Hop Elements. It’s quite an experience working with so many Kids (120!).  And I am looking forward to the concert, because it’s such a great feeling beeing in the middle of an Orchestra while playing…

Here are some pictures from the Rehearsals we had a couple of Days ago.

A Short Hello!

17 Nov

Wow… Things haven’t really been alive here…. Sorry ’bout that…

I am currently on tour with the Söhne Mannheims. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks.

I am still collecting images so I’ll have have something to post later!

Here’s a nice one I took a couple of days ago…

Markus Vollmer Band

21 Jun

Haven’t been doing a lot on this blog lately…

A couple of weeks ago my friend Markus Vollmer had a gig in Wiesbaden.

Always a good chance for some good portraits and Band fotos!

Local TV with Kosho

5 Apr

I was on local TV with Kosho today. It was a lot of fun. And I had a lot of great opportunities to take some nice portraits!

Technik Museum Sinsheim

28 Mar

Went to the Museum of Technology in Sinsheim today.

Needless to say I had my Camera with me… 😉

There were quite a lot of Mercedes’s.